Liverpool can’t even beat Stoke City today! How depressing. Never mind – it doesn’t take much to cheer me up again: all I have to do is think about the ‘atheist bus’. Not, of course, that a bus is capable of thinking about God anyway; but I love the adverts put up by the British Humanist Association with help from Professor Richard Dawkins. They also have t-shirts with the slogan There’s probably no God – Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

I realise that many atheists have been annoyed that Christians have helped fund this bus advertising campaign. And why would Christians do such a naughty thing? Because, much to the annoyance of the atheists, it keeps the conversation about God and the meaning of life alive and well in the public discourse. Brilliant!

What depresses me is the stupid (both intellectually, tactically and theologically) response by certain Christian groups who have missed the point of all this and made a legal challenge to the adverts. Instead of joining in the fun and getting the country talking about God’s existence and the fulness of life offered by Jesus Christ, they reduce the whole thing to a humourless, miserable and self-righteous argument that succeeds only in making Christians seem stupid and small-minded. And this just feeds the British Humanist Association and the tired old nonsense that people are better off without the misery that religion brings them.

I wish I could put the pictures into this blog, but I am technologically challenged and can’t work out how to do it. So, here is the link if you want a laugh and an easy way in to talking about God in the pub: