I have made the mistake of reporting here that our clergy conference at Swanwick featured (among other things) a last-night Singalongamammamia. It was screamingly funny, but I was mortified that I was the only bishop in there for the film and the subsequent bop. All dignity lost, I have to confess that it was brilliant to sing and dance with our brilliant clergy and laugh like drains at the rubbish script and rubbish Abba lyrics. (Try singing them…)

Then I started getting comments on here. Here’s a couple:

At the Rochester Diocesan Conference in January we too had the Mama Mia experience and I agree , great silly fun. Is it evolving into part of the C of E Liturgy?

I think Dancing Queen probably won’t be helpful in some of our Anglican Communion debates – and Money, Money, Money hurts too much. But, I have a dream sounds pretty prophetic to me!

As a Licensed Reader I could make a case for Take a chance on me being an homage to Pascal’s wager but I leave the theology of Gimme Gimme Gimme ( a man after midnight) to those above my paygrade.

One of our clergy who recently moved to a parish in Waterloo told me that the Eurovision winner of the same title had clearly been written for him. Er… yes, obviously. But even that song raised theological problems. Waterloo has great resonances for the English; but could a French Christian feel the same? Whose side was God on… and what would that say about God and the world?

But, all this silliness leaves me with a vital question: which Abba titles really could be used in the liturgy of the church? Any offers?