I popped into a shopping centre to meet a friend for lunch this afternoon and was met by a choir singing Away in a manger. Bang on cue. I had to smile.

A friend called this evening to say he has just recorded a CD of Christmas Carols – he suggested we double up and sell my book with his CD. I suggested that every time he performs Away in a manger he should dedicate it to the Bishop of Croydon.

Then I came home and was pointed to the following headlines:

  • Nativity play costs ‘sent soaring’ (BBC)
  • O come all ye loaded (Sun)
  • Has ‘manger chic’ taken over your nativity play? (Guardian)
  • Competitive Britons send nativity costs soaring (Reuters)

Is it just my imagination or are the same journalists who derided me missing a link here?

Anyway, I’m off to listen to Bruce Cockburn’s Christmas album.