The World Cup has finally begun… with two exciting … er … draws.

Some people have had a humour bypass already. The Telegraph phoned the other day because they were doing a light piece on Wayne Rooney’s temper. I offered two quotes and the Telegraph ran them together. Helpfully noting that I am a Liverpool fan, the quote then ran in the paper as:

You might say anyone who has played for Everton and Manchester United is bound to have a bad temper. But perhaps Wayne should take some time out and read the series of World Cup prayers I have written especially for the tournament.

Some people seem to think this was a serious comment and a serious dissing of Everton and Manchester United. Or perhaps they think that bishops only ever make serious comments devoid of irony or humour. Tough. Life’s too short to worry.

The best joke I have heard during the World Cup (apart from the variations on: “Penile erectile dysfunction is common amongst men. Sufferers are asked to express their solidarity by displaying white flagswith a red cross on their cars…”) came on BBC Radio 4’s News Quiz from Sandi Toksvig. Miraculously relating the Labour leadership campaign to the World Cup, she referred to:

Ed Balls – sounds like Wayne Rooney’s job description.

Just funny.