I was rather alarmed to read in the daily press briefing this morning that ‘a large Christian grouping’ (unspecified) believes that the world is going to end on Saturday 21 May. The bad news is reported in the Daily Mail, but I can’t find a link to it.

Announcing the end of the world is a bit risky, but it still comes over as bad news. Saturday 21 May is the day I am due to be ‘put in’ at Bradford Cathedral to begin my public ministry in the Diocese of Bradford.

I’m just not sure now if we should proceed with all the preparations, if we are about to expire along with the rest of the planet. As I can’t find a link to the report (and I refuse to buy the Daily Mail), I can’t get more precise details. My ‘enthronement’ (which means being put into my ‘cathedra’ – the teaching seat of the bishop) starts at 2.30pm. If the world isn’t going to end until, say, 7pm, that might put a different complexion on the matter. But, if it is due to happen at, say, 10am, we might as well save the money and time.

Hang on…

Oh! Apparently, this ‘large Christian grouping’ also says that if it doesn’t happen on 21 May, it will take place on 21 December 2012. That’s the trouble with dodgy prophets: never precise, never consistent.

On balance, I think we’ll go ahead in Bradford on 21 May.