When I get back to Bradford I will be doing two things: working out how to use WordPress on an iPad (nightmare so far – hence rubbish posts and no pictures) and getting very familiar with Bradford City. The club might be in League Division Two (or whatever we call it these days), but they pull in huge crowds of local fans. I’ve already discovered the colourful enthusiasm in Bradford and, in addition to my Liverpool support, I’ll be joining in the party.

But, I gather that Manchester United got taken apart last night in the Champions League Final at Wembley and that it was all rather Messi. Can’t say I’m upset.

The particular aside, football is in a bit of a mess. Forget the money, how about the corruption. Lord Triesman got into trouble for alleging naughty behaviour around the World Cup decisions a few months ago, but it looks like he was doing us a service. Allegations of corruption in Fifa are not new, but now it’s all creeping out from under the stones that have offered protection for years.

Why was the alleged corruption of leading officials tolerated for so long? Was it fear of favour? Or fear of retribution (like not getting support for hosting the World Cup finals)? Or fear of being accused of racism?

The next few days should prove interesting as football tries to clean up its act. Don’t hold your breath.