1. Why my voice disappeared under yet another bug. Did I become soft during a decade in the south?

2. Why my iPad gets the wifi signal, but won’t connect with the internet upstairs in my house when every other computer does.

3. How the Church of England can best respond to events in a single cathedral in one diocese when the story has an impact on all the other 43 dioceses – and the Church’s reputation.

4. What is causing the iPhone 4S battery life to be dodgy. Apparently, Apple engineers are working on it. No problem with my HTC.

5. How other bishops manage to read so many books and write intelligent stuff.

6. Why people subject themselves to the public humiliation that is X Factor.

7. What it means for Britain to be ‘European’ – wanting the benefits on our own terms, but without having decided what ‘belonging’ might mean.

8. Whether Nicolas Sarkozy was really narked with David Cameron – or just tired from sleepless nights caused by the new baby.

9. However justified the concerns of the ‘occupy’ campers, what their considered alternatives are.

10. How long the latest Chelsea manager will have a job before he heads ‘back to Europe’.

Off to Peterhouse, Cambridge, tomorrow to preach on ‘Bad Dreams’ in the college chapel at 6.30pm. Maybe I’ll have got some answers by then. You never know…