Here we are in York for the General Synod and milk is back on my agenda. And that isn't a comment on the nature of the Synod's agenda for the next five days. It follows on from a bit of a rant I had recently about the price of milk.

I couldn't believe that the price farmers get for the milk they produce (a) was so low and (b) could be changed without warning or redress by the body that buys the stuff for re-sale to the supermarkets and other outlets. One farmer told me he stood to lose £20,000 this year because of a 2p drop per litre in June.

And now this. Dairy farmers are considering taking action into their own hands as a further reduction of 1.7p is being imposed from August. You can read the farmers' response here.

Having visited another farm up in the Dales last week, I am more aware of the economics of farming and the problem of getting a younger generation to take on the family business when the life is so hard and the rewards so few. If we think farming is necessary for our economy and the nurture of our landscape, we'd better take it a bit more seriously.

We could start by asking why the farmers are getting milked.