I came down to London last night for an early start today. While all the Jimmy Savile stuff gets worse and the political rhetoric about our economic 'challenges' seems divorced from the reality those of us on the ground see every day, I am feeling like a fish out of water at a conference on diocesan communications.

I recorded an interview for a BBC documentary at 8am, then met a friend for a drink before going upstairs to do Pause for Thought on the excellent Chris Evans Show. Then I hot-footed it (or, more accurately, hot-tubed it) over to the Royal Geographical Society for the webby techie comms gig. The opening session introduced us to how the excellent MyDiocese software stuff has been updated and improved. It all looks wonderful.

The problem is I wouldn't know where to start. I use social media and know what I am doing with what I use, but get into technical detail and my brain turns to mush. I am glad someone knows how to work all this stuff.

Division of labour. Let the comms guys do their stuff and I'll just keep banging out the content I can manage.

I did the keynote address (on the communications challenges facing dioceses), focusing on interactivity, interconnectivity and the need to put communications at the heart of any diocese: risking risk, proactively setting the agenda and going beyond simply 'getting our message across'. took me forty minutes to say all that…

Now I'm off to take part in a session on religious broadcasting at the Cheltenham Literature Festival this evening.

All good fun.