It’s almost Christmas. My abject failure to send friendly (as opposed to official) cards can now be forgotten – apologies to all who wonder…

Christmas gets terribly wordy. I am all for sermons and addresses that awaken curiosity and tease the imagination, challenging the prejudices and expectations. Or, as excellent comedian Mark Thomas says in his book Extreme Rambling: “Anyone with any taste knows that predictability is the woodworm of joy.” S, I tweeted earlier some brief accounts of Christmas:

  • God among us, God with us, God for us.
  • Matter matters: the Word became flesh and lived among us.
  • God with us: we have seen his face. Painted in the gospels.
  • “Redemption rips through the surface of time in the cry of a tiny babe.” (Bruce Cockburn)
  • Only the curious get surprised: outsiders like shepherds and Magi…
  • The eternal breaks through into time. Time bleeds into eternity.
  • Light mugs the darkness. And there is nothing the darkness can do about it.
  • Hope looks despair in the eye… and doesn’t blink first.
  • Christmas surprises earth with heaven…
  • Oh come, all ye faithless…
  • God is. God is as he is in Jesus. So, there is hope. (David Jenkins)

That’s just for starters! Happy Christmas!