A couple of days ago I posted a picture of the view from my seat on the terrace of the guesthouse where we are staying in Khartoum. This morning, waiting to be collected to visit a clinic (but no idea when – we MIT be sitting here for hours!), I thought you might appreciate a new perspective.

It is from a few feet back from the last one.

I'll try harder next time.

It is, however, a visual metaphor for what I feel here. My first visit to Sudan and I am absorbing impressions, conversations, views, perspectives. Some of these are clear and unequivocal, some contradict and confuse. I am trying to resist making judgements based on too little experience or information, but at the same time trying to build a consistent picture of what is going on. All at the same time as trying to make sure I don't compromise anyone by writing loosely about stuff that has few consequences for me, but potentially serious ones for those we meet.

Shifting position doesn't always clarify the view.