The heart can only despair. The Daily Mail has a low enough view of humanity, but its piece on Ralph Miliband is execrable. Its decision to print the original hatchet job alongside Ed Miliband's response – standing by every word of its nasty 'critique' – unbelievably crass.

Apparently, Miliband Senior wrote in his diary when only seventeen years old:

[the English were] perhaps the most nationalist people in the world… you sometimes want them almost to lose [the war] to show them how things are.

The paper then goes on to suggest there might be a link between father and son. Suggestive innuendo and ridiculous association. (I hope no one ever quotes stuff I wrote/said when I was a teenager…)

If the Daily Mail's association is valid, what conclusions might it draw from this screaming headline from its own adolescence?

When Ralph Miliband was escaping the fascism beloved of the Mail – and then fighting against it – this is what the Mail's owner was doing:

Perhaps it is time to recall this: