I haven't been writing much recently. Too many other things going on (or not going on, as it were) and not much to say.

The Pilling Report needs more thought and the House of Bishops meets next week for a first discussion of it. So, silence isn't a bad policy before then – even if I am reading other people's views and weighing them up.

Our educational standing has caused loads of polemical analysis. I am not inclined to join in when I haven't got time to say anything useful.

Then, last week someone on Twitter asked if my blog is just a 'vanity project' as I am always telling where I have been or whom I have met (like in the Chris Evans studio a couple of weeks ago). Well, er, yes, I guess it is. A blog is by definition an online journal and I use it as a record of things I might otherwise forget.

Anyway, to continue the theme: today I received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Bradford for my contribution to the university and the city. It is a real honour to be considered for this as I have only been back in Bradford for under three years and will have to leave after Easter when my post comes to an end. I owe the university a huge debt: my time studying German and French here between 1976-80 opened my eyes to a bigger world, challenged my world view, stirred my curiosity about language, shaped my mind to an interest in and understanding of German politics and culture, grew my confidence, and in so doing fulfilled the fundamental purpose of a university.

I am grateful.