… the Christmas presence you've always wanted.

… love sprouts eternal.

… God among us, God with us, God one of us, God for us.

matter matters: the Word became flesh and lived among us.

God with us. We have seen his face. Painted in the Gospels.

“redemption rips through the surface of time in the cry of a tiny babe” (Bruce Cockburn).

only the curious get surprised: shepherds and magi.

the eternal breaks through into time. Time bleeds into eternity.

light mugs the darkness. Nothing the darkness can do about it.

hope looks despair in the eye and doesn't blink first.

… God surprising earth with heaven.

hearing amid the darkness the words “Fear not”.

being surprised by the ordinary being broken into by joy.

turning expectations of God on their head.

following a star without any security about where it might lead.

finding our curiosity inspired in surprising ways.

finding the courage to venture out of predictability and discovering that God and the world are bigger than we thought.

coming, o ye faithless, and finding that God has already found us.

giving birth amid the muck and mess to new hope, new promise, new life, new world.

hearing songs of light in the nighttime of fear.

churches rehearsing the story of why everyone is redeemable and nobody has to be lost.

daring to dance in this world to a tune that haunts us from another.

welcoming the baby of Bethlehem… and then letting him grow up.

facing the asylum seeker, vulnerable child, hunted by Herod, the poor & outsiders – asking if Jesus would be welcome now.

… interrupting the world with joy it doesn't expect and light it doesn't want.

seeing natural order restored (with #LFC on top of the #epl).

If God can be brought down to earth, then we should be able to say something about it in a tweet. So I did. But, I got a bit carried away. Anyway, I'll be preaching on this stuff tomorrow morning at Bradford Cathedral.