Apparently, there is a debate raging on some New Atheist blog about beards. I haven’t been able to find the blog in question (and how pathetic is that?), but I am sure someone will put a link on a comment here and send people through to see for themselves. (I found lots of stuff on Pharyngula about zombies, but not beards…)

I had a beard for ten years or more. Only a short, stubbly one. But, when I shaved it off my little daughter got the frights. I’ve sometimes thought of growing one again, but now the hair is falling out of my head, I don’t feel like compensating on my face.

But this did make me think about something important. The Ecumenical Patriarch has a big beard. The Archbishop of Canterbury has a notable beard. The Pope has no beard. Isn’t it time he grew one – after all, it isn’t just an ecumenical matter?

Anyway, the atheists are challenging each other to see how much they can raise for Barnardo’s. According to Simon Painter:

Basically, for just £2, you can vote on this page: and leave a comment for or against beards. When voting closes, if the “beards” have it, then I will grow a beard for three months, and if the “no beards” win ,then my friend David “Big Dave” Wood and PZ Myers will shave their beards for three months.

He adds:

PZ Myer’s rude tone may not be appreciated when it comes to religion, but at least his heart is in the right place willing to take part and help (to him a foreign charity) Barnardo’s.

Sounds like fun and a good cause, so I am happy to link up. And I want to see the evidence when the razors come out…